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A to Z Tablet

Prescription for: Personal Health

A to Z Capsule Composition:

Use the Mfine app to find the top consultants who can recommend the use of A to Z multivitamin tablet for your conditions. A to Z tablet benefits numerous different conditions, from skin problems to chest pains.

A to Z capsule composition consists of the following active ingredients:
1. Vitamins:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B9
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C

2. Minerals:

  • Manganese
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Manganese

3. Other ingredients

  • Pine Extract

Clearly, the A to Z tablet composition can provide a lot of essential nutrients to your body.

A to Z vitamin tablet contains many elements which benefit the body in numerous ways. Some of the A to Z tablet uses include:

  • treating vitamin B12 deficiency,
  • Treating various eye conditions that can cause sudden loss of vision 
  • treating symptoms of heart block causing heart attacks and cardiac arrests
  • increasing absorption of calcium and phosphorous for strong bones
  • maintaining tissues in the body to prevent vitamin B2 deficiency
  • facilitating retina formation
  • blocking damage by free radicals which heals wounds better
  • producing and storing iron, increasing antioxidant action
  • producing haemoglobin and antibodies by keeping blood sugar levels in range
  • maintaining normal glucose metabolism and peripheral nerve function
  • protecting the skin from moisture and irritants
  • metabolising carbohydrates which helps growth
  • lowering blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels by inhibiting the synthesis of very low density lipoproteins
  • acting on megaloblastic bone marrow and normoblastic marrow

A to Z Tablet Uses

With so many active ingredients that A to Z multivitamin contains, it can be used to treat many conditions.  Some of the A to Z tablet uses include:

If these uses of a to z tablet concern you, take up a vitamin B12 test or a full body check up at home to confirm the symptoms and start medications once you consult with a general physician.


A to Z Tablet Side Effects

While there are a number of A to Z tablet uses, there could also be the slight likelihood of side effects. Though A to Z tablet side effects may be rare, it is best to know what they may be. The list below are some of the most common side effects, but is not comprehensive. Other side effects not listed may also occur. If you are facing any of these A to Z tablet side effects or others, contact your doctor immediately:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Prickling or stinging of the skin
  • Excessive thirst
  • Side or lower back pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Mood swings

Quick Tips to Remember for A to Z Tablet

  • Consume medications at the same time everyday. Always follow the dosing recommendation of the doctor and never self medicate. Self medication may lead to serious health effects and consequences, such as poisoning.
  • Do not use A to Z multivitamin Tablet if you are allergic to the key ingredients.
  • Always make sure to tell your doctor about any other medication you are taking, as some medicines may not be recommended to take along with A to Z Tablets. It may lead to complications such as A to Z multivitamin tablet side effects.
  • Any preexisting conditions such as pregnancy and diabetes should also be made known while consulting with the doctor. Some health conditions make you more susceptible to the side effects of the medicine.
  • If you missed one of your A to Z vitamin doses, consume it as soon as you remember. However, if you are nearing your next dose, simply resume the schedule and avoid overdosing. Overdosing can do more harm than good.

When Not to Use A to Z Multivitamin Tablet

  • Avoid use with premature neonates
  • Do not take on an empty stomach
  • Do not take if you have a biliary obstruction
  • Do not take if you are breastfeeding
  • Do not take if you are allergic to any active ingredients

There are also some conditions for which you are advised to not use A to Z Tablets. If you have any of these conditions, avoid taking this medication:

  • Acute dermatitis or eczema
  • Skin abrasions and cuts
  • High calcium levels
  • Bleeding disorders

Other Precautions to Remember for A to Z Tablet Uses:

  • Do not give this medication to anyone else if they have the same condition as yours. They are best advised to seek medical consultation with your general physician before taking the medication.
  • If your condition does not improve or if you experience A to Z multivitamin tablet side effects, let your doctor know immediately.
  • Never mix A to Z tablets with alcohol, especially if you have liver cirrhosis. It is best to avoid alcohol completely for the duration of the treatment.


Storage Instructions

The A to Z tablet composition requires it to be kept in specific storage conditions. Keep this medication away from direct light or sunlight and store in a day place. Do not freeze or refrigerate this medication. Check the expiry date before you are buying or taking the medication.

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Frequently Asked Questions on A to Z Tablet Uses

When should I take a to z tablet?

It is recommended to take A to Z tablets after a heavy meal during the day. However, this may vary depending on your body type, health status, etc. Hence, it is best to discuss with a doctor about your dosage schedule.

Do A to Z vitamins work?

While A to Z multivitamins are sure to supplement your daily nutrient intake, doctors recommend getting most of your nutrients directly from food sources. If you require personalized meal plans that check all the vitamins you need, consult a dietitian on MFine!

Will A to Z build my immune system?

With its powerful active ingredients, one of A to Z capsule benefits is the power to build immunity. However, in addition to this, do keep in mind that consuming a healthy diet, maintaining a fixed sleep schedule, and an exercise routine is important to building immunity against infections.

Is A to Z multivitamin Tablet safe to use when pregnant?

It is best to consult a doctor before using A to Z Tablets when pregnant. Though it may not cause harm to everyone, it differs from a case to case basis. Expert advice is needed. Always consult your gynecologist if you are pregnant and are planning to take this tablet.

How long do I need to use A to Z Tablets to see an improvement in my condition?

For some conditions, you may find relief within a day. However, for others it may take longer to see the results. Talk to your doctor about A to Z capsule benefits, the course of the medication and its effects on your particular condition.

Can we take a to z tablet daily?

It is best to consult a doctor who can give you a prescription and a dosage based on your condition and past as well as current health. It is important that you don’t self medicate and consult a doctor about how often you need to take A to Z Tablets.

Is it safe to operate heavy machinery or drive after taking this medication?

If the A to Z tablet composition causes any sort of side effects, it is best to not operate any machinery or drive after taking this medicine. Make sure to give yourself ample time and rest when you first take a tablet to check how it affects your body and if any side effects show up.

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Medical Advice: Consult General Physician online for right advice.

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