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Pediatricians: Doctors for Children's Health

Last updated on 19 August 2020

Who is a Pediatrician?

Pediatricians are medical professionals specialized in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of the health of children. They diagnose and treat problems related to children’s Preventive health care and monitor the overall health of children. Pediatricians also treat children who are ill preventing disease complications.

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What does a Pediatrician do?

A child specialist doctor, better known as pediatrician, specialises in taking care of children’s health. They are qualified kid’s doctors with specialisation in pediatric care or the treatment of children. MFine’s online child specialist doctors can:

  • Perform thorough physical analysis and examination of a child
  • Have special skills to take care of children’s health
  • Understand children’s health complications
  • Help children to meet their milestones related to development, growth, skills, and behaviour
  • Provide baby nutritional advice, child nutrition, fitness, and safety advice
  • Suggest preventive care and treatment
  • Provide accurate diagnosis
  • Deliver primary level care
  • Possess experience in recognizing and treating children’s illnesses
  • Give the child all the necessary vaccinations and immunizations
  • Refer the child to any specialists in case they see any condition that requires specialised attention
  • Answer every question related to the child’s growth and health.

With the coronavirus pandemic still in effect across the globe, MFine is also dedicated to ensuring that proper healthcare is made accessible to all. With social distancing and the lockdown being practised, we understand that it isn’t easy or safe to visit a hospital or clinic. This is why you should seek pediatric care or online pediatric consultation with the best online pediatricians through our MFine app. Chat with an online pediatric doctor instantly to know more about safe practices for you and your family during these difficult times. You can also talk to an online child specialist if you observe any symptoms of coronavirus in children at home like early flu symptoms. The Pediatrician helps diagnose, treat and help prevent problems related to children health. Common problems treated by a Pediatrician are:

  •   Sore Throat
  •   Ear Pain
  •  Urinary Tract Infection
  •  Skin Infection
  •   Bronchiolitis
  •   Pain
  •  Common Cold
  •  Cough
  • Stomach infection
  • Viral infection.

Log on to MFine to find the Top Pediatricians near you who will offer you the most suitable solutions for your child’s health. You can also find the list of best children speciality clinics near you on MFine for consultation. 

What are common responsibilities performed by a Pediatrician?

Pediatricians are doctors who work with children and their families on the child care front. They monitor the health of younger individuals, diagnose and treat common ailments and minor injuries, and administer vaccines for young children. They treat the below symptoms for children:

All types of Fevers:

Children’s fevers can be alarming as their temperature shoots high. Don’t panic! Use the child specialist near me option on MFine for preliminary treatment. Common and early flu symptoms can be treated quickly with proper care.

Child Vaccination:

Try out the ‘best pediatrician near me’ or ‘best child specialist near me’ option online to know more about children’s vaccination and choose the best child specialist for your family. It’s important that you don’t miss any shots.

Cough & Cold:

If your child is suffering from a cold, has a runny nose and throat ache, consult with MFine’s online pediatricians for the right treatment and quick relief. The child specialist doctor will recommend medicines for cough and cold that will treat the child’s flu-like symptoms immediately.

Stomach Infection:

Children develop stomach infections too often. Symptoms include vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, stomach pain, gas, and bloating. In such cases, get prescribed medicines online from the best child specialist doctor online.

Infectious Diseases:

Any infectious disease affecting children needs immediate treatment. Get help immediately through online pediatric consultations with top child specialists on MFine.

Respiratory Diseases:

Children with asthma, allergies, lung infections, pneumonia, and respiratory tract infections both upper and lower, need expert medical attention. We provide the right preliminary care that’ll help relieve the symptoms.

Consult our child experts for all your needs on MFine’s online Children’s clinic. Simply search for the “best pediatric or best Pediatrician near me” on the MFine App to get the list of top clinics/ hospitals in your locality! Choose the MFine app for instant medical assistance.

How often should you go to the Pediatrician?

The frequency of your visits will also depend on how much you maintain your child’s health on your own. It is advisable to take your child regularly for vaccination and every 3 months to check on milestones for babies and toddlers; post which it’s advisable to visit a pediatrician annually. it is important to schedule a Pediatrician appointment. 

What degrees do you need to be a Pediatrician?

To become a Pediatrician, in India you have to complete your bachelor and master degrees. (MBBS), most of the universities offer post-graduate-level courses in the field of paediatrics. You have to pursue MBBS + MD OR DNB degree in Pediatrics to become a Pediatrician.

How to find a good Pediatrician?

You can find a good Pediatrician through a simple search on MFine. Select your location and search for the best Pediatrician near you on the MFine app or website. You can avail of an instant consultation via chat, call, or video call with the top Pediatrician in your city. Based on your problem, you might be called for an in-person consultation by your Pediatrician. 

How to choose a Pediatrician?

With the MFine app. You can choose a Pediatrician for yourself based on the doctor’s years of experience. The convenience of travel might also be a criterion in case you need to visit your Pediatrician in person for any consultation In-person. In that case, choose the best Pediatrician nearby on MFine and stay rest assured as we bring to you the top Pediatricians from your city.

Top Online Pediatricians on MFine

MFine is one platform that’ll put you in touch with the best pediatricians online. You get to consult with them within 60 seconds. Child specialist doctors online prescribe medicines after assessing the condition of your child and plan an immediate course of action at the preliminary stage. Without wasting time and queuing up for pediatric care, you can look for the best child specialist doctors of your locality on the MFine app. You can simply click the ‘best pediatrician near me’ or ‘best child specialist near me’ option and get preliminary medical advice online.

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How to make a Pediatrician appointment?

  • Select your city on MFine
  • Choose Pediatrician as a speciality
  • Choose your doctor
  • Talk to a doctor online.

Based on your consultation and the condition you are suffering from, you might be asked for an in-person Pediatrician appointment.

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