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We often tend to neglect our oral health. Oral hygiene has to be incorporated from childhood with regular checkups with the dentists. Brushing 2 times a day, the right brushing technique, flossing, changing toothbrushes regularly, visiting the dentist regularly or the simple habit of squishing our mouth with water after having tea or coffee to remove stains are some basic things we ignore.

Our oral health is just as important as our other physiological systems. The truth is that our dental health determines how our body is performing and how healthy we are overall.

One of the reasons for our negligence is, of course, our fast-paced life. Our professional and personal commitments often come in the way of well-being. But not to worry! If you don’t have time to visit the dentist for your dental distress, let the dentist come to you.

You can consult with the city’s top dentists on the mfine app. Seeking expert advice from the best dentists has never been easier.

What do our dentists do?

Good oral hygiene helps in preventing tooth decay, bad breath, gum problems and keeping your teeth intact as you age. An unhealthy mouth may increase your risk of serious health issues such as heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. Consult dentists on mfine for any assistance you might need on oral health. From the initial signs to advanced stages of ailments, the finest dentist will offer the best of advice and course of action. If some symptoms are persistent, lookup for the best dentist near you on mfine. Our dentists will make sure you receive an accurate diagnosis and the best care. However, if certain complications require advanced medical care, specialists will be recommended, and advice will be offered as well.

What do we treat?

Bad breath: Also known as halitosis, is caused by poor oral health habits, certain illnesses or unhealthy lifestyle habits. If you don’t brush and floss properly every day, food gets stuck in your mouth causing bacterial growth in your mouth which in turn causes bad breath. If you suffer from bad breath, our dentists will offer you the best solution to get rid of it.

Tooth pain: Tooth decay, infection, injury or loss of a tooth are responsible for tooth pain. Thus, it is a tricky problem. Do not hesitate to consult top dentists on mfine who will help you deal with the problem in no time.

Gum problems: Build-up of plaque on the teeth can lead to inflammation or swelling of gums. If left untreated, it may result in tooth loss. If you exhibit any signs or symptoms be sure to consult dentists on mfine for proper assessment and best treatment.

More than gums and teeth: A dentist’s expertise is just not limited to oral health, it also includes the jaw, tongue, salivary glands, head muscles and nervous system of the neck and head. During a comprehensive exam, your dentist also looks for discolouration, ulcer, swellings or lumps. Our qualified dentists can recognize problems that warrant referring patients for care by specialists or physicians.

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