Health Check Packages

Why do I need a health checkup?

A timely medical checkup helps in ensuring that your health is in track and detect any early signs of medical conditions that may be life-threatening in the long run. Early diagnosis through a full body checkup increases your chances of effective treatment and cure. It also helps in reducing heavy medical expenses in the future.

How often should I get a health checkup?

In general, it is best to opt for a full body checkup every year after you’ve crossed the age of 30. You can also take up a full body exam if you are currently having a stressful or hectic day-to-day routine and exhibit early symptoms of various lifestyle diseases. A medical checkup will help assess hereditary illnesses and the development of any pre-existing disease.

How do regular health checkups benefit me?

Apart from the relief that you are in the pink of health, regular full body tests offer the following benefits:

What are the types of health checkups?

There are a variety of health checkups available as per the symptoms you exhibit and the various lifestyle habits you indulge in. Following are the broad health packages you can opt for: