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Cicatricial Alopecia: Symptom and treatment
Is Cicatricial Alopecia treatable? How?
All that there is to know about Cicatricial Alopecia


A hair loss disorder which is accompanied by almost irreversible hair loss.

This disorder has a combination of hair loss symptoms and can be seen in 3% of hair loss patients. It can occur in any healthy men and women. [1]
- Can be self-diagnosed
- Treatment options are available
- Imaging and tests are required to find out the exact type
- May resolve with proper treatment

This is a type of alopecia that is accompanied by patchy baldness with a ragged outline. It is a severe form of alopecia resulting in permanent hair loss due to destroyed hair follicle in the affected parts.


Not Self-diagnosable- This condition requires the specialist care and treatment
Painful in some cases along with redness and itching
Scaly scalp skin and fluid-filled blisters may be seen
Scars may be left behind in place of follicle


Self-care: is not possible for this condition

Medicines: This condition requires immediate treatment by a dermatologist. Often aggressive treatment is needed.
Corticosteroids in the form of topical ointment or injections may be used.
Antibiotic and Isotretinoin drugs may also be prescribed.
Surgery is often resorted to when bald patches spread too much. The surgery involves planting healthy follicles from an unaffected area to promote hair growth.

Specialists: This condition requires expert care by dermatologists and must not be left untreated. It can cause a lot of discomforts. mfine is one of the specialists that can come to your rescue for severe cases like these.

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