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Suffering from common gynecological problems like period irregularities, premature menopause symptoms, pregnancy issues, infertility or PCOS? Or are you simply looking for the best gynecologist doctors who will help ease your delivery? mfine’s top gynecologists from the best gynecology clinics and gynecology hospitals can help you seek the right treatment.

Avail the quick gynecology online chat feature for an instant online consultation with gynecologist regarding any common gynecological problems you may be facing. Consult with them online on mfine and avail first consultation free on our platform. Avoid waiting in the queue for hours by booking a gynecology appointment online.
Our top gynecologists have in-depth knowledge in their field of work and are always available to help you whenever you need medical care.

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Why is it important to see a gynecologist?

Gynecologist doctors are specialists in women’s reproductive health and can help with gynecological problems. They advise and prescribe necessary medications and provide long-term treatments, screenings, and even gynecological surgery if required. If you suffer from pelvic, vulvar or vaginal pain, fibroadenosis, vaginal-boils, irregular-menstruation or trichomonal vulvovaginitis, it is important to see a gynecologist near you immediately. A gynecologist doctor can also assist with female infertility, menopause and menstruation-related troubles.

Additionally, if you are having issues with pregnancy or problems during your pregnancy cycle, it is important to consult a gynecologist online immediately. Our best gynecologist doctors help women to take responsibility for their body in new ways. Experts recommend lifestyle changes, diet modifications, exercises, and other ways to improve overall health, as well as specific issues pertaining to a normal period cycle and a healthy pregnancy cycle.

Gynecologists also help women understand their body and suggest how to take care of it to prevent diseases. They suggest ways to detect any changes in your body, which could be a sign of a complication that leads to hormonal imbalances. Our top gynecologists also advise you on how to protect yourself against certain diseases.

What do gynecologists treat?

  • Menstrual problems: Suffering from irregular menstruation or heavy periods? Consult a gynecologist online and get safe advice. Our top gynecologists will help you through any of your problems and give you a proper diagnosis for any issue, be it an early period, brown period blood, brown discharge before periods, or any other unusual period problems.
  • Thyroid Issues: A problematic thyroid gland often leads to physical complications. Our best gynecology doctors help you to identify your health complications and suggest you take necessary preliminary care. If you’re not sure if you have thyroid problems, get a thyroid check at home today to confirm. You may also search on our app for the best gynecology hospitals near you, or the nearest gynecologist doctor.
  • Abnormal Vaginal Discharge: Abnormal, whitish, waterish or smelly vaginal discharge could be a sign of infection. Choose our online consultation with gynecologist option for preliminary investigation and care.
  • Pain or Bleeding after Sex: This symptom indicates a serious underlying problem. Make sure you consult a gynecology specialist without any further delay.
  • Missed Periods: Have you been missing periods of late? Our top gynecologists can help you with accurate diagnosis and course of action. mfine offers free online consultation with gynecologist when you book a gynecology appointment online for the first time.
  • Breast Abnormalities: Our best gynecologist doctors can help you to know your body. Our gynecologists suggest breast self-examinations, which, when done properly, can help you detect breast abnormalities. Report any abnormality to a gynecology specialist or a doctor for pregnant women for correct diagnosis.
  • Planning Pregnancy: Are you planning to conceive? Our experts suggest healthy lifestyle changes that'll help you to conceive without any complications. Reach out to a women’s doctor on mfine for a thorough gynecologist consultation.
  • Women Health & Hygiene Advice: Maintaining women’s hygiene is critical for health. Periodic testing for women is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. Our best gynecologist doctors give advice on how to maintain hygiene and prevent feminine diseases. They can also diagnose issues specific to individuals experiencing heavy periods and irregular menstruation.
  • Preventive Care: Preventive women’s health care is necessary to keep diseases at bay. Get an advanced full body checkup for women at home.  Chat with the top gynecologists online on mfine and get your first online consultation with gynecologist near you free. All your chats are 100% private and encrypted.

Without wasting time and queuing up for medical care, you can now choose the best gynecologist doctors in your locality using the mfine app, search for the ‘best gynecologist hospital near me’ and get preliminary medical advice online with the first consultation being free. You can even refine your search to items like “lady gynecologist near me” or “gynecologist in Whitefield” for the best results to discover the nearest gynecologist doctor to you. According to your preference, you may also filter your search results to list only “female gynecologists” and “male gynecologists”.

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Why should I consult a gynaecologist?

You should visit a gynaecologist regularly for routine preventive screenings. Apart from this, a visit to the gynaecologist is recommended if you are experiencing abnormal discharge, heavy bleeding during your period, pain in the pelvic area or vagina or irregular periods. You might also need to visit a gynaecologist at specific stages in your life, such as when you are trying to get pregnant, during your pregnancy and during menopause

What conditions are treated by gynaecologists?

Gynaecologists treat a wide range of conditions related to women’s health and wellness. 

Some of these include:

Birth control and contraceptive options

Are all gynaecologists obstetricians?

The simple answer to this is, no. A gynaecologist treats a number of women’s health-related issues, from menstrual disorders to infections. An obstetrician, on the other hand, provides care and treatment during pregnancy, during labour and delivery and during the postpartum recovery period following the delivery. An OB-GYN is a combination of the two and is specialized in both fields. 

What is the difference between an obstetrician and a gynaecologist?

A gynaecologist treats women’s health-related issues at every stage of a woman’s life, from puberty to menopause. An obstetrician is specialized in the field of pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care.

How long does it take to recover from a C section?

It is a major surgery, therefore, your body needs adequate time to recover from C-section. Mothers are required to spend at least 4 days in the hospital following the C-section, however, this number could be higher if there were any complications during the procedure. In general, a C-section requires a 6-week recovery period before you can start exerting yourself.

Why is sex painful?

In most cases, pain during sex or pain during penetration is normal and is usually due to a lack of lubrication. Sometimes, however, painful sex could be a symptom of an underlying condition such as an infection, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), endometriosis, muscle spasms in the vagina or chronic pain. If pain during sex or pain during penetration persists, you should consult a gynaecologist.

Is white discharge normal?

 Vaginal discharge/white discharge is usually normal and is, in fact, a sign of a healthy vagina. Fluids in the vagina eliminate bacteria, thus protecting you from an infection. The appearance and smelly discharge can vary depending upon the stage of the ovulation cycle, during pregnancy and even during breastfeeding. 

Why are my periods so heavy?

If you have to change your pad almost every hour, you might be experiencing abnormally heavy bleeding during your period, a condition known as menorrhagia. Apart from heavy bleeding, menorrhagia is also characterized by large blood clots and painful cramps. If you are experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding, it’s important that you consult a gynaecologist about it as this could lead to anaemia

What are the best birth control options?

There are many types of birth control options available today. The best option will depend upon your requirements. Here are the most popular methods of birth control:

Method Efficacy rate Advantages Disadvantages
Male condoms 82% Protects against pregnancy and STDs Might break or decrease sensitivity
Female condoms 79% May offer protection against some STDs Might break or decrease sensitivity
Sponge with spermicide 76-88% Can be used for 24 hours Can be messy and might cause toxic shock syndrome
IUD 99% Can be used for 10 years Might cause cramps or increase PMS symptoms
Combination pill 91% Can reduce discomfort during periods Needs to be taken according to schedule

How do I know I have an STD?

Identifying the symptoms of an STD is the best way to catch it early and treat the condition before it worsens. 

The most common symptoms of an STD are:

Abnormal vaginal bleeding 

Can I have sex during pregnancy?

Sex during pregnancy is completely safe and natural. While there are some claims that sex during the final weeks of pregnancy can cause contractions, these claims have not been fully substantiated. You can consult with your gynaecologist to make sure that sex during your final trimester is safe.

What are the first signs of PCOS?

Many of the symptoms of PCOS are subtle, which is why it can take many years for a woman to be diagnosed with the condition.

Here are some of the most common signs and symptoms of PCOS:

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