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Mental Health
Postpartum Depression Is Real: 8 Ways To Manage The Blues
Snigdha Samantray, Clinical Psychologist

Around 22% of India’s new mothers suffer from postpartum depression post-childbirth.

Contraceptive Options For Women: Which Birth Control Method Is The Best?
Smitakshi Guha

Find out which pregnancy prevention method is right for you.

Health A to Z
Be Aware Of These 6 Early Signs Of Alzheimer’s Disease
Binish Ahmed

This disease slowly ravages memory, thinking & eventually the ability to do daily tasks.

5 Low Impact, Fun Sports Activities You Can Try In Your 30s
Binish Ahmed

Here are some low intensity & enjoyable sports you can try in your 30s to get your body going.

Health A to Z
Lymphoma: Blood Cancer That Is Potentially Curable When Detected Early
Dr. Pragnya Rao

A rare type of blood cancer that affects the cells that are part of your immune system.

Healthy at Home
COVID-19 Recovery: 5 Tips To Remember While Recuperating
Smitakshi Guha

With the right awareness & expert care, your road to COVID recovery can be smooth.

Editor's Picks
Diet & Nutrition
Homecare Tips: What To Eat If You Have A Mild COVID-19 Infection
Dt. Pooja Bohora

Taking medicines on time, resting well & eating healthy can help you recover from the illness.

5 Work From Home Challenges & How To Solve Them
Smitakshi Guha

Working from home may sound great but it has its own set of challenges.

Here’s How To Clean Your Groceries During The COVID-19 Pandemic
Samya Ghosal

Shopping for groceries carries additional risk, thus one must take extra steps to sanitize the food.

QUIZ: Are You Stressed Due To COVID-19?
Deepanwita Roy, Clinical Psychologist

This quiz can help you understand how different circumstances affect your feelings & your perceived stress levels. 

Quick COVID-19 Risk Assessment: Don’t Stress, Just Self-Assess
Samya Ghosal

The first step to manage any crisis is getting accurate information & then acting on it.

Social Distancing During Coronavirus Outbreak: You Are Not Alone
Dr. Pragnya Rao

It is time to play your part in this fight against the global pandemic.

medshots Videos view all

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