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Mental Health
How To Avoid Depression
Ms. Deepanwita Roy

How to avoid depression? Learning more about the triggers of depression would help you understand what needs to be done to avoid depression.

Health A to Z
Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes
Dr. Abhishtita Mudunuri

Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes are serious conditions that cannot be cured, but there are various measures to manage it. Read more

Facts Behind Hospitalizations Due to Omicron
Dr. Abhishtita Mudunuri

While Omicron - the new Covid-19 variant is creating a spike in covid positive cases, what are the real facts behind hospitalizations due to Omicron?

Do You Need The COVID Booster Shot?
Dr. Sreelekha Daruvuri

COVID Booster Dose will start from Jan 10th, 2022 in India starting with the front line workers and Adults aged 60 or above with comorbidities. Do you need the booster shot?

IHU Variant of Covid-19: What We Know So Far!
Dr. Sreelekha Daruvuri

The IHU variant of Covid-19 is said to have around 46 mutations and 37 deletions, some of which are located in the spike protein.

Mental Health
How To Overcome Depression
Ms. Manasa S Saralaya

Very often we find people using phrases like 'I am feeling depressed'  or 'I think I am going through depression' etc., to express normal feelings of sadness or blues. Let's understand some of the biological and psychosocial triggers of depression, diagnosis, and treatment in this article.

Editor's Picks
Diet & Nutrition
5 Easy Salad Recipes For Indian Taste Buds
Anoush Gomes

It’s time Indian salad recipes get the hype they deserve!

Health A to Z
COVID 19 and Thyroid Disease: Vaccine Effects
Dr. Sreelekha Daruvuri

Thyroid problems are considered the second most common endocrinological disorders in the world.

Health A to Z
5 Types Of Hepatitis: What You Should Know | MFine
Dr. Bhavani A

Hepatitis is the most common liver illnesses of all.

Mental Health
I Am A Doctor And I Have Depression
Dr. Pragnya Rao

Notice how I have used the word ‘and’ and not ‘but’? 

5 Work From Home Challenges & How To Solve Them
Smitakshi Guha

Working from home may sound great but it has its own set of challenges.

Healthy at Home
Develop These Healthy Eating Habits At Home
Dt. Sana Khalid

Here are some ways to keep your diet balanced while you're stuck in the house.

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