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Consult nephrologists on mfine 

While we may have come across terms like ‘nephrology’ or ‘nephrologists’, not many know what it really means. A nephrologist is a medical practitioner who deals in kidney care. Derived from the Greek word ‘nephros’ meaning kidney, these specialists are trained in internal medicine and then undergo even more specialised training to help patients with kidney diseases.

These doctors treat chronic kidney disease, acute renal failure, kidney stones, polycystic kidney disease and other conditions. Although you can resort to simple home remedies for problems like Kidney stones, it is best to consult a doctor for expert advice.

It’s now easy to find a nephrologist online, right here on mfine.

What do our nephrologists do? 

The nephrologists at mfine suggest appropriate diagnosis and treatment when kidney issues are difficult to manage. The specialist will speak to you about your family history and suggest a complete medical check-up.

The nephrologist will ask you to submit your urine and blood samples to monitor the functioning of your kidneys. The blood tests include Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) that helps to know how the kidneys filter your blood. If the levels show a decline, it indicates kidney disease. The serum creatinine test is also important. Creatinine is a waste product and those with kidney disease show high levels of creatinine. There’s also blood urea nitrogen which is also tested for, and again high levels of which indicate kidney dysfunction.

Once the cause is diagnosed, our nephrologist suggests an appropriate treatment. In case a patient shows signs of kidney disease, the specialist will check the stage of the disease and then recommend treatment. If surgery is required, he will refer you to a good surgeon.

In a nutshell, our specialists ensure you receive the best treatment post-diagnosis. In case you require hospitalisation or any other medical intervention, our team will help you get in touch with them.

What do we treat? 

  • Acute renal failure: If your kidneys stop working completely, the nephrologists on mfine can give you proper guidance to manage the condition. Besides, appropriate treatment is also suggested.
  • Chronic kidney disease: When the kidneys are damaged, waste and fluid is not removed on a regular basis. In such cases, it is advised to consult an expert on mfine to help you resolve this chronic issue.
  • Decline in kidney function: If your kidneys do not function in an appropriate manner or you suspect damage, don’t worry at all. Feel free to reach out to our kidney specialists on mfine and let them guide in the best possible way.
  • Severe UTI: If you suffer from recurrent Urinary Tract Infections, it could be a sign of kidney dysfunction. While this condition may be embarrassing to share, we are here to help you and relieve your pain. You can seek guidance from one of our qualified nephrologists and resolve your issues!
  • Blood loss in urine: Blood loss in urine could indicate several issues of the kidney and it’s best to understand the situation and act! With our team of qualified nephrologists, help is within reach. Our nephrologists can help you with timely diagnosis, treatment and advice.
  • Other issues: Our nephrologists can also help you with any other kidney issue, and also concerns such as high blood pressure.

Don’t think twice and reach out to our nephrologists–after all, you deserve to be happy and healthy!

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