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Health Feed

Unlocking The Heart Diabetes Connection

It's Not THE END When You Feel it’s The End!

Whenever a person is going through low mental states or feeling suicidal, at a cognitive level there is an attribution error to these mental states i.e. they attribute the reason of their feelings to outside circumstances like a person, situation or an existential crisis about the meaning of life.

From Risk to Resilience: Heart-Healthy Eating Habits

Discover the Top 8 Heart-Healthy Eating Habits and Adopt Heart-Healthy Eating Patterns for a Healthier Lifestyle. Learn How to Nourish Your Heart Today!

15 Foods that work as Natural Viagra for Erectile Dysfunction

Over the years, a plethora of Indian foods and herbs have gained a reputation for boosting libido and treating sexual dysfunction. These foods work by improving blood circulation, increasing testosterone levels, and promoting overall cardiovascular health – all of which play crucial roles in achieving and maintaining healthy erections.

7 Pink Eye Myths Busted | How to manage Conjunctivitis symptoms?

Pink eye is indeed contagious, but the idea that it can only be spread through direct contact is misleading. The virus or bacteria causing conjunctivitis can be present on surfaces like doorknobs, towels, and shared items, making indirect transmission possible. Proper hygiene, such as frequent handwashing and not sharing personal items, can help reduce the risk of spreading pink eye.

Can Poor Mental Health Cause Low Libido in Men?

Body image and self-esteem can interfere with the ability to become aroused during sexual activities. People who struggle with body image issues, feeling dissatisfied or uncomfortable with their physical appearance, may experience lower sexual desire.

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