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The ears, nose and throat are three body parts that play a pivotal role in our lives, without which, several of our fundamental and day-to-day functions would be lost. Sometimes, these parts of the body can become infected or blocked, and a medical specialist is required to help identify and treat the problem. An ear nose throat specialist is commonly known as an ENT specialist doctor for short. In more precise medical terms, they are known as otolaryngologists. The reason these parts of the body are treated together is that they are closely connected to one another. For the same reason, ENTs also treat related areas such as the head and neck.

When you suffer from a stuffy nose, sore throat, constant ringing in ears, allergies, and other such problems, the first person you seek out is an ENT specialist doctor. These medical problems can arise for a number of reasons, and may not be standalone problems, which an ENT doctor can help you figure out. In fact, they can often affect other bodily functions and cause other problems. For example, sinus allergies or infections can hinder sleep and cause insomnia if left untreated for too long. Another example is a nasal deviation which may not be an obvious ENT problem and is usually painless, but could be the cause of prolonged colds, headaches, frequent nosebleeds, among other symptoms. This can be corrected by a deviated nasal septum treatment by an ENT specialist.

The best ENT specialists are available on MFine for online medical consultation so that you never have to wait in long queues and lines ever again. Talk to a doctor online today and consult with the top ENT specialists on our app or website. You can also find an ENT specialist nearby or a nearby ENT hospital for a physical checkup with our extensive network of the top doctors and hospitals in India.

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When should I see an ENT specialist doctor?

Most people suffer from a type of ENT disease or problem when they fall ill. These occur most commonly during a cold or the flu. Apart from these temporary symptoms, an individual may also suffer from other underlying ENT problems that may be aggravating something else.

ENT specialist doctors treat a wide range of symptoms and conditions related to the ear, nose, throat, and head. If you are suffering from flu-like symptoms, sinus allergies, constant ringing in ears, or others, you should avail online ENT consultation to diagnose and treat your condition at the earliest. Here are some common ENT problems that can occur:

  • Rhinosinusitis: This is a condition in which the sinuses around the nasal passage become inflamed. Rhinosinusitis is also known as sinusitis and can be treated by a nose doctor. This condition may lead to difficulty in breathing, headaches, or runny nose. A patient may also experience light facial pain or swelling in the cheeks, nose, forehead, or around the eyes. A nose doctor or ENT specialist can help diagnose the problem and offer the right medication to treat the problem.
  • Obstructive sleep apnea: When a person is sleeping, the muscles of the throat may relax at occurring intervals, which can cause breathing to be disrupted or stopped for short periods of time. This obstruction in breathing while asleep can be caused by obesity or some abnormalities and blockages at the back of the throat or nose. A throat specialist can help confirm the cause of the issue and provide treatment. If it is severe, the ENT specialist doctor may refer you to a sleep specialist.
  • Tonsillitis: The tonsils are an essential part of the immune system, and are located at the back of the throat. They appear as two small protruding masses emerging from the lymphoid tissue, and they help prevent germs from entering the body through the mouth or nasal cavity. They contain a high amount of white blood cells as well, helping them fight and kill germs as well. If these become infected, you may experience difficulty swallowing, sore throat, ear pain, loss of appetite, bad breath, or have tender lymph nodes. A throat specialist can help treat this ENT problem and if it worsens, they may suggest removal through surgery as well.
  • Ear infection: An ear infection is often caused by the presence of bacteria or a virus in the ear canal. It may also be offset by another condition, such as a common cold. An ear specialist doctor can help provide earache remedies and ear infection treatment. The pain and infection stem from the swelling that occurs within the ear, which causes an obstruction of the tubes, which then further leads to the build-up of fluid. This may lead to dizziness or a loss in balance as well.
  • Hearing loss: This condition commonly occurs in older people, but may also affect other individuals if they have experienced an injury or were exposed to a great deal of loud noise. Hearing loss may also occur due to diabetes, meningitis, mumps, or other such diseases. An ear specialist doctor is always referred to for this condition, and they may provide hearing aids that are the right fit for you.
  • Tinnitus: A constant ringing in ears or buzzing noise can be a symptom of tinnitus. This may occur in one ear or both. It’s important to note that tinnitus isn’t a medical condition - rather, it is a symptom of another ENT problem. This could include ear infections, concussions, loss of hearing, high blood pressure, tumours, or other such problems which must be looked at by an ear specialist doctor.
  • Allergies: Some allergies caused by pollen, dust, mould, or other small particles are treated by ear nose throat specialists (ENT) as these allergies can affect the entire area. Allergies can cause redness, swelling, watery eyes, sneezing, and more. These are also known as sinus allergies and with the right care and treatment, can be controlled.

Other ENT problems such as tumours, nasal deviations, migraines, loss of smell, snoring, salivary gland stones and others are also treated by ENT specialist doctors. If you experience any symptoms related to the parts of the body in the head and neck region, consult a doctor online for a diagnosis. The earlier an online ENT consultation is when symptoms begin to appear, the quicker the problem can be addressed. This will prevent the symptoms from worsening or causing other conditions to develop.

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How can we help?

At MFine, we provide the best quality care and aim to make healthcare more accessible. Our ENT specialist doctors are all highly recommended and are experienced professionals in their field. Use the MFine app to find leading ENT specialists nearby, or a nearby ENT clinic. You can chat with a doctor online or speak with top ENT specialists through call or video consultation.

Alert on COVID-19

As the national lockdown carries on and social distancing remains in practice, access to healthcare facilities will remain halted. Which is why MFine is dedicated to bridging the gap between the need for doctor consultations and doctors online. You can use the MFine app or our website to talk to a doctor online.

If you notice any symptoms of COVID-19, you should get in touch with a doctor through an online medical consultation at the earliest. Symptoms of COVID-19 include flu-like symptoms, such as fever, cold, cough, and body ache. If you or your loved ones notice any such symptoms of COVID-19, it’s important to consult with a doctor online immediately to address the issue at once. With all the risks present in stepping out of our homes, to ourselves and to others, you should avoid going to a healthcare facility without prior notice. It can be helpful to complete a COVID-19 risk assessment test to check for COVID symptoms and early flu symptoms as well.

During this pandemic, it is highly advisable to opt for a COVID antibody RTPCR test for safety and assurance at the comfort of your home accurately on MFine.

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What does an ENT specialist do?

Ear nose throat specialists, more commonly known as ENT specialist doctors, have a self-explanatory name. They are physicians who primarily deal with the head and neck area, with a focus on the ears, nose, and throat. They diagnose and treat different types of ENT diseases and disorders.

What conditions does an ENT treat?

An ENT specialist doctor treats a number of ENT problems, the most common of which are sinusitis, constant ringing in ears, sinus allergies, hearing loss, nasal deviation, and rhinosinusitis. An ENT also offers ear infection treatment and earache remedies.

What procedures does an ENT do?

An ENT can offer medical treatment for various ENT problems, and ENT specialist doctors also perform common surgeries, such as deviated nasal septum treatment, sinus surgeries, thyroid removal, and eardrum repairs.

When should you see an ENT specialist?

If you notice any growths, infections, pain, or other such abnormalities, you should see an ENT specialist doctor. If you have seasonal allergies or sinus allergies, you should also see an ENT specialist for proper medication and care. You can consult with the best ENT specialists online through the MFine app for immediate advice.

What is a full ENT examination?

A full ENT examination, conducted by an ENT specialist doctor, is a proper examination of the ears, nose, and throat, as well as the head and neck region which includes the lymph nodes. This is done with a headlight and mirror in order to inspect all the tubes and cavities closely to make sure everything is in proper condition and functioning optimally.

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