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What is habitual abortion and how to treat it?


Habitual abortion is three or more conservative miscarriage before 20 weeks of gestation.

It affects 1% of the couples who trying to conceive. [1]

- Lab tests and imaging is required
- It can have multiple causes
- Can be treated by a medical professional in most cases
Cause of habitual abortion could be uterine, infectious, genetic, thrombophilic, endocrine, metabolic, immunologic, and environmental. Other causes can be overdiagnosed because of the different methodologies employed.

There can be a role of infection such as bacterial vaginosis and chlamydial infection in miscarriage. Exposure to certain medication or chemicals, advanced maternal age, and trauma to the abdomen can also cause miscarriage.


- Vaginal bleeding or spotting
- Sharp pain in abdomen and lower back
- There may also be pass tissue with clot like material from the vagina


- Bed rest and avoiding sexual intercourse can help
- Doctor may give you an injection of progesterone to increase levels of the hormone
- Avoid certain foods that make you ill and can harm your baby
- Avoid exposure to toxic chemicals or harsh cleaning solutions
- Limit caffeine intake

Medication: Take prenatal vitamins such as folic acid.

Specialist: Always remember to get checked by a specialist and follow the steps laid down by the specialist. A specialist may also give specific exercises for proper delivery. At mfine, we always take proper care of patient at all times to ensure best treatment.

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