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27 yrs old, New Delhi

Hormonal acne is real & painful. I am happy to see results after using Mfine's Anti-Acne Kit - Oily Skin in just one and half months.

Rajat Rajput

28 yrs old, Bangalore

I booked a health check for my wife from Mfine. The process was smooth. The technician was hygienic and punctual. Also, we got the reports on the same day.

Naveen Kumar

28 yrs old, Delhi

I have been ordering my mom’s medicines from mfine for more than six months now. I order online and she gets her medicines the very next day in our house in Bihar.


29 yrs old, Bangalore

It's just been more than a month since I have been using Mfine's anti-pigmentation kit and my stubborn spots are already fading away. I took a free doctor consult on mfine app and my doctor recommended this kit as per my skin type & concern.

Hardik Mehta

36 yrs old, Ahmedabad

I had dark circles for quite some time now. I used a few home remedies but it did not work. My friend suggested to me mfine's free skin test where I was recommended a customized kit. In just one month of usage, I can already see results.

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