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What Does Perineal Pain Mean?


Manifestation of pain in the perineal area that may last for six months or longer.
In chronic conditions, the persistence of perineal pain or perineum pain is for over a period of three or more months, whereas acute conditions are much short-lived.

- Medical diagnosis by a physician is required for confirmation.
- Both men and women are equally affected.
- Radiography or laryngoscopy may be required.
- Can be severely painful.
Perineal pain manifests in two kinds, short-lived acute pain and chronic pain that can persist for three months or more after its manifestation. Endometriosis, Pelvic congestion syndrome, Pelvic inflammatory disease, Pudenal neuralgia, vulvodynia, prostatitis, interstitial cystitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and post-surgical pain are the main causes of perineal pain in men and women.
Ages Affected no particular age category faces a higher risk; all are equally prone to perineal pain as other factors play a major role in its manifestation.


Symptoms include painful defecation, fatigue, and anorexia, burning during urination, fever, frequent urination, genital pain, and anorectal pain.

People May Experience
Pain the patient might experience severe pain in the lower back, bladder, and genital area.
Uneasiness mild fever, runny nose, coughing, sore throat.


Self: Three to four days mandatory bed rest. Drinking adequate amounts of water. Avoiding spicy foods and alcohol consumption.

Medications: A prescribed dose of antibiotics can be taken to limit the symptoms.

Specialists: Consult the doctors at mfine, for a detailed diagnosis and appropriate treatment options.

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