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Experience Acute Pain While Passing Stool? You Might Have a Perineal Abscess


Perineal (or anorectal) abscess is a medical condition involving the infection of anal muscles, leading to the formation of pus around the regions of anus and rectum.
A study reports perineal abscess as being present in around 16-17 people in every 0.1 million. 

- Requires a medical diagnosis
- Short-term: symptoms subside within a few weeks
- Lab tests or imaging mostly required
- Isnt contagious: doesnt spread among people
- Can be treated by a medical professional

Perineal abscesses can be caused due to various reasons such as sexually transmitted infections, anal infections, etc. Conditions such as diabetes and colitis act as triggering factors for increasing the effect of these abscesses.
Ages affected Between 0 and 13: Less often; Between 13 and 60: Predominant; 60 and above: Less often


Requires a medical diagnosis
Symptoms include fever, constipation, agonizing pain in the pelvic and anal areas, pus discharge, irritation of skin neighboring the anal regions, and so on.

People may experience

Pain areas rectum, pelvis (back region), anus
Pus discharge
Constipation, throbbing pain while passing stool
Also common Fever, itching of skin around the anus


If symptoms are observed, consult a doctor or surgeon immediately, who may perform surgical drainage to lessen the pain and help symptoms subside.
Medicines that soften stool are recommended to make bowel movement smooth.

Antibiotics are generally prescribed by doctors and surgeons.

We advise the patient to consult a general or rectal surgeon at mfine (www.mfine.co), once similar symptoms as those of the disease are noted.

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