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Anthrax is one of the rare infections in the human body caused by the bacterium Bacillus Anthracis. Such an affliction can manifest in four forms, namely the skin, respiratory, intestinal, and injection. It occurs due to contamination from bacterium’s pores and immediate demands treatment by a general physician as soon as it is detected.

Anthrax Symptoms

Among the many, a few anthrax symptoms can easily be detected and are as following:

  • Skin anthrax occurs within one week after infection and presents itself in the form of blisters on the skin
  • It generally occurs in the exposed areas.
  • It may spread throughout the body if left untreated
  • Formation of a pimple that enlarges into a malignant pustule
  • Transforming into a black scab within ten days
  • Low fever initially

Causes of Anthrax

Anthraxis mainly caused due to transmission of B.Anthracis bacteria that is usually contracted by animals with fatal results within weeks. The animals responsible for the anthrax cause are the main transmitters as consuming or rearing the animal aids in a direct contact causing the person to contract the disease. It can also be transmitted by inhaling microscopic spores floating around in an agitated air.

Anthrax & Lung Infections

Among the four types of infection, anthrax is the least fatal when infections occur on the skin. However, anthrax can infect the lungs and is more fatal  among all other types. The production of two types of powerful exotoxins is what makes deadly in the first place and treatment is extremely hard requiring the expertise of a general physician.

Diagnosing Anthrax

Anthrax specialistscan diagnose the disease by taking samples of the infected area and using techniques such as polymerase chain reaction-based assays, and immunofluorescence microscopy may be used.

Anthrax Treatment

Anthrax treatment must be undertaken immediately using vaccinations and antibiotics as soon as it is diagnosed as most treatment is effective only at the preliminary stage by general physicians.

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