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What is Vesical Calculus? Bladder Stones and All that You Need to Know!


A condition where there is the presence of calcified material or stones in the bladder.

In adults, in approximately 50% of cases, bladder stones are composed of uric acid. [1]

- Requires medical attention
- Can be medically curable
- Present state can be understood by medical examinations
- Often requires surgery to remove stones
- Prevalent among men over women

Stones in the bladder area are formed when minerals build up in the region. Underlying medical conditions are often caused by bladder stones. The stones in the area cannot completely be emptied through urination where the minerals concentrated often turns into crystals. Often, they may get stuck with the walls of the bladder.

Ages affected Mostly affects older males.


The condition may not always show symptoms. They are often found in X-ray while being medically diagnosed. Any symptoms of discomfort while passing urine, blood in urine, pain while urinating should be reported to a medical professional.

People may experience:
Pain mild to severe pain while passing urine and in the lower abdomen area
Discomfort uneasiness while urinating
Blood blood in urine
Dark color a darker color of urine can be observed
Regular urination often urinating or having stop-start kind of flow


Self-care: Drinking a lot of water is required in this medical condition. Often, smaller stones can go away while urinating, but if many such are accumulated, it may be difficult to pass them out naturally.

Medications: Physical exam, X-ray and Urinalysis may be required to determine the condition. If they are too large to pass as a form of urine, surgery may be required to remove them.

Specialists: If the above symptoms are observed, it is advised to consult a medical professional. We, at mfine, are here to help you with providing complete treatment to your health care requirements.

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