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Micturition or Post-micturition Syncope: Here is what you should know


Syncope refers to the condition of fainting. Bladder syncope or micturition syncope indicates a condition of fainting during or immediately after urination.

This condition is more commonly noticed in men. Micturition syncope is responsible for more than 8% of all cases of fainting. (1)

- Can be self-diagnosed.
- Treatment options are available.
- Imaging and laboratory tests may be required.
- It can only be managed and controlled through proper diagnosis and treatment.

Although bladder syncope is not a serious medical condition, falling down can cause life-threatening injuries. The exact cause is unknown, but a doctor must be consulted to find out any underlying serious cause responsible for it.


- Following symptoms can be noticed before fainting:
- Nausea
- Weakness
- Dizziness
- Sweating
- Dimmed or blurry vision


Self-care: Changing diet. Wearing support garments. Being careful, while standing up. Trying to urinate in a sitting position or as safely as possible. Keeping blood pressure and heart rate at check. Avoid alcohol.

Medication: Medicines may be recommended by a doctor to control high blood pressure, heart rate, chest pain, and other underlying conditions.

Specialists: For other concerns, consult a physician or syncope specialists. In some severe cases, the doctor may suggest to implant pacemaker to keep the heart rate in check. At mfine, you will receive a holistic treatment plan for optimum health.

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