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Tuberculosis, commonly known as TB is a bacterial infection. The bacteria travel by air and enter the human respiratory system. People of all ages can have this respiratory infection. The infection reduces the potency of lungs. Lack of tuberculosis treatment can be fatal. Luckily, any general physician can offer affordable treatment easily.
Tuberculosis Symptoms
Persistent cough and cold – The first indicator of this disease is persistent cough and cold.

Blood discharge – Patients who suffer from active TB will cough up blood for sure.

Fatigue and fever – Fatigue and fever are two other tuberculosis symptoms that you must look out for.

Chest pain – A general physician knows that chest pain is an indicator of TB.

Chills – Regular chills; during fever is a common symptom among TB patients.

Aversion to food – Patients with latent or active TB often complain of appetite loss. The urge to eat reduces drastically.
Tuberculosis Causes
Here are some common tuberculosis causes:

Bacterial infection – Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria is the primary cause of this disease.

Low immunity – A healthy individual can fight off the TB germs. But if you have low immunity, then you will fall prey to the bacteria.

Smoking – A general physician asks TB patients to stop smoking. Continuous smoke intake will lower the potency of lungs.
Diagnosing Tuberculosis
Only a reputed tuberculosis specialist can diagnose the disease. With mfine, you will be able to reach these specialists easily. Any medical professional will check the lung condition with a stethoscope. The primary diagnosis includes skin patch test.
Other Disorders and Tuberculosis
Tuberculosis is easily curable. But you need treatment in time. If you ignore the situation or don’t complete the medication course, then the disease will relapse. Medication will contain and treat the lung infection. If the infection spreads to the kidney or liver, then it can be fatal.
Treating Tuberculosis
Only a competent general physician knows the importance of timely medication. The TB medication course must last for six months. Antibiotics are a must for this treatment. The doctors, listed on mfine will also prepare proper diet chart for the patients. Nutrition will help the medicines to work better.
Find Tuberculosis Specialists at mfine
With mfine, you can get details of all tuberculosis doctors near you. This platform also offers information about good hospitals and clinics. Doctors can open their separate profiles on this platform.

If you want speedy recovery from TB, then get in touch with specialists on mfine today.

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