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Symptoms and Treatment for Respiratory failure Type II


Respiratory failure is a disease of the lungs.

In India, researchers reported that 30% of cases of respiratory failure were due to pneumonia whereas other causes included gastrointestinal disease (25%) and polytrauma (12%) [1]

- Causes include conditions that affect the nerves and muscles that control breathing.
- Diagnosed through blood gas analysis, pulse oximetry, or tidal volume and vital capacity.
- In general, terminal unless treated.

The respiratory system consists of lungs and respiratory muscles and the thorax. Either or both of these can fail and cause respiratory failure.

Respiratory failure occurs when gas exchange at the lungs is sufficiently impaired to cause a drop in blood levels of oxygen, which may occur with or without an increase in carbon dioxide levels. Type II respiratory failure involves low oxygen, with high carbon dioxide.


- rapid breathing
- confusion
- restlessness
- anxiety
- sleepiness
- loss of consciousness
- rapid and shallow breathing
- racing heart
- irregular heartbeats (arrhythmias)
- profuse sweating


Self-care: Adequate rest should be taken to reduce the load on respiratory muscles.

Physical therapy: The control of secretions through physiotherapy can be exercised.

Medication: Antibiotics can be used to treat a lung infection.

Specialists: Doctors can be approached for supplemental oxygen through devices such as nasal prongs or face masks, or invasive support through endotracheal tube or tracheostomy. Further options and the above treatment can be explored at mfine.

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