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Lower Respiratory Tract Infections: A Brief Introduction


A medical condition where bacterial infection spreads to the vocal cords and lungs, thus affecting breathing and leading to other complications.

Lower Respiratory Tract Infections occur especially in those with immune system disorders (1)

-Requires lab tests and imaging exams for diagnosis
-Affects the vocal cords and lungs
-Treatment includes antibiotics for managing bacterial infections
-Causes are pneumonia, Bronchiolitis, and bronchitis
-Complications include congestive heart failure, respiratory arrest and failure

A lower respiratory tract infection occurs when bacterial infection spreads to the vocal cords and progresses to the lungs. This leads to difficulty in breathing and induces congestion, sometimes leading to more severe complications like congestive heart failure and respiratory arrest. In extreme cases, hospitalization is required for treatment.
Ages affected: 3 years old and below (less often); 65 and above (most often);


Common symptoms include fever, coughing, and fatigue.

People also experience

- Fever - That is higher than 39 degrees Celsius
- Dizziness
- Black outs or lose consciousness
- Aches in the body
- Sore throat
- Congestion in the lungs
- Breathing issues - Difficulty breathing and shortness of breath


Self-care: Stop smoking and practice proper hygiene. You also want to include relaxation activities like deep breathing and meditation to lower stress levels and simply breathe. Foods that are rich in Vitamin C, E, zinc, and selenium have been shown to help lower respiratory tract infections.

Medications: Common drugs used for treating lower respiratory tract infections are nitroimidazole antibiotics, penicillin antibiotics, quinolone antibiotics, and macrolide antibiotics. For herbal supplements, patients can use licorice root, chickweed, and pineapple extract with bromelain.

Specialists: The mode of treatment for Lower Respiratory Tract Infection depends on the condition and state of the illness and results in hospitalization in advanced stages. Talk to our doctors at mfine, to get a medical diagnosis and a customized treatment plan for this condition.

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