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When is Pneumonectomy required?

What is Pneumonectomy

A surgery performed to remove an entire lung is known as pneumonectomy. It is usually shown to treat small cell lung cancer. Treatment of chronic pulmonary diseases and tuberculosis may also require pneumonectomy. Pneumonectomy can be of two types:
- Traditional/Standard Pneumonectomy: When an entire lung is removed.
- Extrapleural Pneumonectomy: When an entire lung along with a part of the membrane that covers the heart, membrane that lines the inside of the chest, and a part of diaphragm are removed.

When is Pneumonectomy recommended?

Pneumonectomy is recommended in case of lung cancer, chronic pulmonary diseases, and tuberculosis. The symptoms that must be that may indicate towards them include fever; redness; drainage; swelling or pain at your incision; vomiting or nausea; new or worsening pain; shortness of breath; bloody or yellow, brown or green sputum; chest pain; swelling in legs and irregular or abnormal heartbeat.

Preparing for Pneumonectomy

- A doctor may perform various tests before pneumonectomy
- The doctor must be informed about all the medicines taken by you including over the counter medicines and prescription medicines
- Quit smoking for surgery
- Any allergies must be informed to the doctor
- Any reaction to anesthesia if had before must be informed to the doctor
- Exercise daily
- Practice breathing exercises using a spirometer
- Nothing should be taken to eat or drink from midnight till the surgery is done

Understanding Pneumonectomy Results
After pneumonectomy, the recurrence of cancer in the lung is not common. However, it is possible that lung cancer may recur in distant regions of the body. At mfine, you will find specialists who will help you at every step.

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