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All you need to know about Miliary Tuberculosis


Miliary tuberculosis (TB) is a kind of tuberculosis where the bacteria get inside the blood and spread through the body into various other organs.

In almost 25% of the people affected by Miliary TB, the lining of the brain is also infected. (1)

- Cannot be self-diagnosed. Diagnosis is difficult.
- Treatment options are available.
- Imaging and various laboratory test are required.
- Medium-term to Long-term: From a few months, it could even take up to a year.

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease, and it is responsible for a large number of deaths worldwide. Miliary TB could also be potentially fatal if not treated and diagnosed at the right time. Miliary TB is commonly known to occur in individuals with a weak immune system. It is an airborne disease.


Prolonged fever with the temperature increasing at night or evening.
Dry cough: Blood may be noticed at times.
General body fatigue.
Breathing trouble.
Loss of appetite and loss of weight.
Sweating at night.


Medication: Doctors may recommend antibiotics to kill the bacteria. Steroids may also be recommended in case the lining of the heart or brain gets infected. Miliary TB can be diagnosed with chest X-ray, blood tests, sputum samples, bronchoscopy, and/or CT scan.

Specialists: For other concerns, consult a physician. In very rare cases, with multiple complications, surgery may be recommended. At mfine, you will receive a holistic treatment plan for optimum health.

In case of proper treatment, there are chances of complete recovery.

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