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Pulmonary Tuberculosis: Here’s all you should know


A condition caused when Tuberculosis affects organs other than the lungs.

Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis constitutes about 20% of the patients who are suffering from Tuberculosis. [1]

- Partly preventable by vaccination
- Can be medically treated
- Spreads easily
- Lab tests and imaging are required.
- Medium-term: Resolves within a few months.

Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that affects several organs other than the lungs. This condition is usually common among people who are detected with HIV. Moreover, it is also common among children. The two most common forms of Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis are Lymph Node TB and Pleural TB.


If you suffer from Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis, you may notice the following symptoms,
- Not Self-Diagnosable – Sudden weight loss and weakness.
- Pain areas include chest
- Cough
- Sweating during the night
- Back pain and stiffness
- Difficulty in breathing


Self-care: If you suffer from Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis, you need to visit a doctor. There is no self-treatment available.

Medications: Antibiotics prescribed by the doctor can help.

Specialists: Seek immediate medical attention from a doctor in case your condition worsens over time.

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