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Trouble Breathing After Exercise? What You Need to Know


Difficulty in breathing caused by the narrowing of the airways.

About 90% of people with asthma have exercise-induced Bronchospasm.

- Triggered by heavy exercise
- Medical diagnosis is required in case of severe chest pain
- Breathing tests and physical examinations can be done
- Allergic persons are more adversely affected

It is still uncertain what causes exercise induced Bronchospasm, but there may be one or more biological processes involved. The affected individual cannot exercise more than 30 minutes at a time.


Symptoms include fatigue during exercise, cough, poor physical performance and stomach problems. They can be self-identified and diagnosed.

People may experience: Tightness in chest, sore throat, decrease in endurance and breathlessness.


Self-care Warm up for fifteen minutes, give yourself some time to cool down before and after exercise, quit smoking, avoid exercise during flu, allergy and cold.

Medications Inhalers may be taken for long-term use to get rid of the condition under the guidance of your doctor.
Specialists In case of severe chest pain after or during exercise, the person should see a physician. Book an appointment with Mfine for an effective treatment to get rid of all your health disorders.

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