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Bronchial tubes allow easy passage of air between nose, mouth, and lungs. Sometimes, these tubes have infections. When there is any sort of inflammation in these tubes, the condition is known as bronchitis. A general physician will bring relief with correct bronchitis treatment.
Bronchitis Symptoms
Here are some of the common bronchitis symptoms:

Continuous cough – Persistent coughs, flu, and cold are other signs.

Mucus – When a bronchitis patient coughs, he/she experiences mucus in the mouth.

Body pain – Body pain is another indicator of bronchial infection.

Headache and heaviness – A general physician knows that headache is another sign of bronchitis. You will also feel heaviness in the head.

Fever – You will have mild to high fever, if you contract bronchitis.

Chest pain – Due to infection in the lungs, people suffer from chest pain.

Sinus and nasal blockage – Patients also complain of sinus, and a blocked nose.

Sore throat – If you have a sore throat, then you may have bronchitis, if other indicators are also present.
Bronchitis Causes
Viral infection – The main reason for this lung disorder is viral infection. Virus affects the tubes, and spreads the infection.

Exposure to irritants – A quick look at the bronchitis causes list highlights that irritants also trigger bronchial infections.

Excessive smoking – A bronchitis specialist knows well that excessive smoking paves the path for this infection.

Dust and fumes – People who inhale dust or fumes for long, may develop bronchial issues.
Diagnosing Bronchitis
A good general physician, listed on mfine will check your physical symptoms. After routine physical examination, they will suggest some tests. Specialists will be able to detect the intensity of the infection with chest x-rays. Sputum test will also draw conclusive results.
Other Disorders and Bronchitis
If you don’t attain proper medical assistance, then this infection will lead to fatal pulmonary disease. It will block the smooth passage of air. Apart from this, bronchial infection can send an invitation to chronic pneumonia.
Treating Bronchitis
Cough suppressant is the main medication for this disease. All specialists, listed on mfine, will prescribe an antibiotic course. These pills will kill the germs. They will suggest pain killers to control body, head, and chest pain.
Find Bronchitis Specialists at mfine
With mfine, you can attain quick statistics about bronchitis doctors near you. mfine only gives the information. The final decision will rest with patients.

If you want details about good hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, then take help from mfine.

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