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Acute pharyngitis is an infection in the throat that temporarily causes irritation in the pharynx. Commonly termed as a sore throat, pharyngitis can cause scratchiness and difficulty in swallowing. Therefore it becomes hugely important for the general physician and pediatrician to treat such problems swiftly and efficiently without any delay.
Acute pharyngitis Symptoms
Pharyngitis can also be termed merely as a severe throat infection and might show a wide variety of acute pharyngitis symptoms. Following are some of the most important markers that a patient may exhibit in such cases:

A headache
A cough
Loss of appetite
Muscle aches
A runny nose
General malaise
Body aches

Causes of Acute Pharyngitis
There are many ways in which acute pharyngitis causes can affect a person and generally it is easily treatable. A few of these causes are cataloged as follows:

Adenovirus, which is one of the origins of the common cold
Croup, which is a childhood illness distinguished by a barking cough
A whooping cough
Group A streptococcus

Acute Pharyngitis & Throat Infection
Both acute pharyngitis and throat infection affect and cause irritation in the pharynx throughout its duration. Such an affliction are not at all severe or life-threatening and can be checked upon by a pediatrician or a General Physician for effective treatment.
Diagnosing Acute pharyngitis
Acute pharyngitis specialists can also perform a few other tests to determine the intensity of the affliction. This mainly involves a physical examination where the General Physician or the Pediatrician will check for white or grey patches in the throat. In case it has been determined that the patient has strep throat, a throat culture may be obtained for diagnosis along with a blood test.
Acute Pharyngitis Treatment
Acute pharyngitis treatment usually involves the use of regular antibiotics and can heal within 7 to 8 days. In the case of a bacterial infection, experts typically prescribe penicillin and amoxicillin for a swift recovery.

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