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Umbilical Granuloma Infection and Complications


Umbilical Granuloma is a small tissue that grows in the belly button of the baby, a few weeks after the umbilical cord has been cut. It is a little red lump which may be covered in yellow or clear discharge.

1 out of 500 newborn babies has an umbilical granuloma. [1]

- Treatable by a medical professional.
- It is generally treated with the use of silver nitrate.
- Liquid nitrogen can be poured to freeze it and then it dissolves.

Umbilical Granuloma does not affect the baby, but it can get easily infected which can lead to fever and skin irritation. It can also occur in adults too. Sometimes navel piercing can trigger it, and it can be really painful.


- Formation of granuloma (lump on the belly button)
- Slight fever
- Bleeding around granuloma
- Swelling and redness around granuloma
- Pain and tenderness around the belly button
- Rash near the belly button


- Clean belly button clean with warm water and soap.
- Exposing the belly button to air can be helpful. Consult pediatrician before applying anything on the belly button.

Medication: After removing the granuloma, a pediatrician might suggest some instructions to treat the belly button.

Specialist: Always consult a specialist before taking any action. Contact mfine to get the best in-depth analysis of any disease and to get complete treatment.

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