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Children gain weight in tandem with their height and age. The problem arises when compared to the height and age the child does not put on adequate weight. There can be any number of causes leading to this problem. A pediatrician is the specialist you need to visit to find the root of the disorder.

Poor Weight Gain Symptoms

The loss of weight or a constant weight regardless of the age is the common poor weight gain in babies’ symptoms. Many children have minor deviations in their weight and that is not something to worry about. A child needs medical attention when the deviation is too glaring.

Poor Weight Gain Causes

Any number of reasons can lead to poor weight gain. According to the expert pediatricians, the following are poor weight gain in babies’ causes:

  • Insufficient food intake
  • Digestion problems
  • Lack of proper absorption of food
  • Increase in metabolism

Diagnosing Poor Weight Gain

A thorough physical examination along with taking the family medical history of the child is the first step of diagnosis. Do not neglect the condition and visit a pediatrician at the earliest. Finding good child doctors near you has become really easy with the wide range of listings on mfine.

Other Diseases Related To Poor Weight Gain

No particular conditions get related to poor weight gain in babies. However, it can come as an indication of several other diseases. Not just physical conditions, it can also result from mental issues. Thus, it is important to find the underlying cause to start the treatment of other related disorders.

Treating Poor Weight Gain

The poor weight gain in babies’ treatment begins with a change in his feeding schedule and/or feeding environment. Medications do not get suggested until the conditions are severe.

Poor weight gain can cause or compound several serious problems as the child grows up. Get all the details of the renowned specialists near you and go for a direct visit or get an online consultation. Under the treatment of renowned child specialist, the child will recover from the condition very soon.

Find the experienced pediatricians near you easily with mfine.

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