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Neonatal Sepsis: Definition, symptoms, causes, and treatments


Neonatal Sepsis is an invasive bacterial infection that usually occurs during the neonatal period. It is a blood infection caused by Escherichia coli (E. coli).

Neonatal Sepsis occurs in 0.5 to 8.0/1000 births.[1]

Neonatal Sepsis:
- Is treatable by a medical professional
- Requires a medical diagnosis
- Requires lab tests or imaging
- Can be resolved if treated early

It affects the infants that have a low birth weight, a depressed function at birth, maternal perinatal risk factor like low socio-economic status, or premature rupture of membranes. Male infants are more likely to be affected by this as compared to females. Infants affected by early-onset Sepsis is usually within the 90 days of their birth. sepsis occurs after a week or within three months of age.


Infants who are affected by this infection can show the following symptoms:
- High fever
- Fast, slow, or strained breathing
- Fatigue
- Irritability
- Blue color of the skin
- Diarrhea
- Swollen belly area
- Vomiting
- Yellow skin and white eyes (Jaundice)
Diagnosis usually includes blood tests, chest X-ray, and urine culture. These also help to find out if the mother has a history of any such infection.


Prevention: Expecting mothers may take preventive antibiotics if they have Chorioamnionitis, Group B strep colonization, delivering the baby within 12 to 24 hours of water breaking in a clean place.

Medication: Infants who are younger than four weeks old and show signs of this infection are given intravenous (IV) antibiotics right away. This will continue upto three weeks. Initial therapy also includes Ampicillin plus an Aminoglycoside. Late onset Sepsis will include Ampicillin plus Gentamicin or Ampicillin plus Cefotaxime.

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