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Common Feeding Difficulties faced.


Feeding Difficulties is when there is some kind of problem in feeding your baby.

A newborn needs to be feed for nearly 8 to 12 times in a day.

- About 25% of infants have feeding difficulties.
- It is not contagious when in contact.
- It can happen to both male and female babies.
- Medical medication is required to get cured.

Feeding difficulty is a term used for all the feeding problems like refusing to eat, showing tantrums, etc. It could create a problem for both the child and family. It is related to nutritional deficiency. This problem should be taken full care as the physical and mental growth of a baby is depended on its feeding.


The various signs shown by a baby while feeding are:
1) Refusal to eat.
2) Choosy or picky eating.
3) Too much or too little feeding.
4) Vomiting after eating.
5) Behavior while eating.
6) A problem in swallowing food.


1) Breast milk is the best milk for an infant.
2) When to feed – An infant should be fed about eight to twelve times a day in between two to three hours.
3) Burping and spitting out food are the signs that your baby’s stomach is full.

Medication: You should visit your pediatrician when you realize that your baby is having feeding difficulties. Your pediatrician after asking for symptoms could suggest a change in your feeding posture, change in food temperature and texture. Some exercises to make the jaw stronger which can help in solving chewing problems etc.

Specialists: For more information and treatment options, contact us at mfine and we will help in solving feeding difficulties.

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