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All about developmental lag


Delay in a childs development that can significantly affect growth.

According to parents reports, close to 4% kids between 2 and 11 are diagnosed with a developmental delay [1].
- May require special tests
- Can be treated
- Diagnosed by a doctor
Children develop at their own individual pace. However, for some, there may be significant development lags that can affect a childs mental or physical growth along with motor and language skills. The reason may be genetic or a symptom of an underlying condition.


Diagnosed by a doctor: Your doctor would be able to diagnose whether your child has a developmental delay by a physical examination.
Restricted movement
Poor coordination of hands and legs
Stiff or loose limbs
Inability to communicate
Stutter or stammer


Self-care: Early intervention is the best way to help your child reach a normal rate of progress as he or she grows older.

Special education: Language and speech skills can be helped by special education and behavior therapy.
Medications: In some cases, doctors may prescribe psychiatric drugs for the condition.

Physical therapy: Certain exercises can help promote healthy motor skills.
Specialists: In case you suspect your child has a developmental lag, be sure to consult your physician or pediatrician. In case you are looking for a holistic treatment plan by a team of experts, be sure to reach out to us at mfine.

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