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Developmental Disorder of Speech and Language: Know The Initial Signs


The developmental disorder of speech and language is a type of neurological disorder that results in speech and language among kids.

Augmentative or alternative communication can be used to help kids to develop their speech skills.(1)

Examples of the problems associated with the developmental disorder are as follows:
- Speech disorder
- Language delay
- Language disorder

If these problems are noticed in the child, then the language development specialist will suggest remedial process after an evaluation. The major problem is that children will exhibit a slower approach reaching a language milestone than the other children of their age.


Detecting symptoms of language and speech problems involve the following evaluations:
- Checking for hearing loss, total or partial, is one of the first steps to check for the problem.
- Careful examination of the problem, whether it is language or speech problem.


Treatment for this disorder needs special attention from all the people closely related to the child; be it the parents, the teachers, the speech-language pathologists, and the healthcare provider.
- Talking to the child
- Listening and answering to the child
- Make him ask questions
- Play with the child

There are no specific medications that can be administered. Instead, these measures can be taken:
- Special education services can be provided to the child with the disorder.
- Health caregivers can collaborate with the school authorities and help in giving special care and attention to treat the disease.

Specialists: At mfine, we believe in searching for the accurate causes of the disease and suggest treatments according to the diagnosis. We welcome you to call us and enquire about the various treatment programs available with us.

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