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The sign of a healthy child is proper mental and physical development. If your baby does not grow as per his/her years, then it requires medical attention. Any child who fails to grow mentally and physically has growth problems. A pediatrician will come to your rescue in such cases.

Baby Growth Symptoms

Dwarfism – Dwarfism is the primary indicator of delay in growth among children.

Lack of aging – Inadequate production of growth hormone (GH) causes a delay in growth. It makes your child look younger than his/her age.

Bloody stool – Get in touch with a pediatrician if you spot regular blood in your child’s feces.

Nausea and vomiting – If your child experiences nausea or vomits regularly, then these are stark baby growth symptoms.

Constipation – Growth disorders will also affect the inner organs. It can trigger stomach issues. The most common symptom is constipation among kids.

Baby Growth Causes

Low birth weight – Children with low birth weight are prone to show symptoms growth disorders.

Less production of GH – If the brain does not signal proportionate production of GH or growth hormone, then the baby will not grow.

Low thyroxin – Lack of adequate levels of thyroxin and other hormones promote delayed growth in children. Apart from this, genetic imperfections are major delayed baby growth causes.

Diagnosing Baby Growth

Any pediatrician will suggest an overall physical examination. A blood test will determine the hormonal balance. The doctors also collect the medical history of parents to eliminate any hereditary angle.

Other Disorders and Baby Growth

Delayed physical growth will affect the entire well-being of the child. It will cause physical deformity, mobility issues, and low immunity if you don’t arrange proper baby growth treatment immediately.

Treating Baby Growth

It will take significant time to treat baby growth delays. The treatment plan and tenure depend on the specific issue. A pediatrician will prescribe GH injections to trigger the release of growth hormone. A good baby growth specialist will support growth therapy with medications.

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