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Sprained Wrist: Everything to know


Distending or shredding of tissues that link the bones and joints in the wrist.

More than 1 million people in India sprain their wrist per year.[1]

- Generally self-treatable
- Lab tests or imaging is always required
- It usually resolves within a short period, which is about two to three weeks.

It can be caused by a physical injury or trauma to the wrist. It can also be due to a sudden twist or fall that made the wrist bend backward or in an unnatural manner.
Wrist sprains can be mild, moderate, or severe.


People may experience:
- Swelling of the wrist
- Pain
- Bruising
- Wrist is tender
- Stiffness


Self Care: Rest, ice, compressions, and elevation.

Medications: Over-the-counter painkillers can help reduce the pain.

Specialists: A thorough physical examination will help the professional to determine the severity of the injury and the appropriate course of treatment for the same. If need be a splint might be given to restrain the wrist from moving.
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