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How To Treat Upper Back Ache?


Pain in the base of your neck to the bottom of the ribcage is known as upper back pain.

A French study showed that at least 9% of the men and 17% of the women reported upper back pain. [1]

- Requires a medical diagnosis.
- Lab tests like CT scan or MRI can be conducted.
- Can happen to both men and women.

Upper back pain can appear suddenly from some injury or poor sitting posture. In rare cases, it can be caused due to a progressing infection or illness or from spinal instability that has started to affect a nerve root or even the spinal cord.


- Sharp Pain: An excruciating pain at one spot of the back.
- General Discomfort: An achy pain felt in part of the upper back, which spread to the neck, shoulder or lower back.
- Stiffness: When the pain becomes severe, it reduces the mobility of joints, ligaments, and muscles.
- Radiating Pain: A dull or sharp pain that comes and go or be continuous.
- Tingling, Numbness Or Weakness: Pins-and-needles tingling or numbness radiating from the thoracic spine.


Self-Care: Self-care treatments like applying ice packs to reduce swelling or heat bags to relieve pain can be recommended. Also, it is advisable to take a short span of rest for about a day or two.
Physical Therapy: A physiatrist might be assigned to perform physical therapy program to strengthen the muscles.
Specialists: For other treatments, you may consult the best doctor at mfine who will provide you with a complete holistic treatment program.

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