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Upper Back Pain: How To Resolve Your Problem


Upper back pain occurs when the muscles of the back are overworked or under tension.
The pain can be mild or debilitating. It starts from the bottom of the neck and goes down to the hips.

Thoracic spine is the upper spine and it is incharge of protecting the internal organs like the lungs and the heart. [1]

- Primary cause is the use of incorrect posture while sitting, walking or doing any other activity.
- More prevalent above 60.
- Self- diagnosis possible because of the acute pain experienced.

Uncommon factors that trigger upper back pain include pneumonia, respiratory infection, lung cancer, tumors and pulmonary embolism. Upper back pain can restrict your movement to a minimum.


People with back pain may experience these symptoms:
- Neck pain
- Muscle spasms
- Tingling sensation in the neck
- Restricted movement of arms
- Pain while breathing
- Overall Muscle weakness
- Problems in Bowel or bladder functioning
- Fever


- To get relief from back spasms, apply heat using a hot water bag or sit in a whirlpool bath.
- To reduce swelling and pain from sprain, injury or strain, use ice packs.
- Use a light massage

- Over the counter pain medication prescribed by the doctor can be used.
- In some cases doctors may suggest physiotherapy.

If the pain does not subside, you should consult a doctor for further investigation and treatment.

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