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Suffering from hip pain? Learn about the Causes & Treatment


Hip ball and socket joint are the largest joint in the body. It is designed to withhold a lot of wear and tear, but when it starts paining, it makes everyday life difficult.

Osteoarthritis is the most common cause of hip pain in those over the age of 50 [1]

- Can be chronic or temporary
- Treatment of the pain depends on the cause
- Imaging required.

Causes of hip pain include arthritis, fracture, sprain, inflammatory and non-inflammatory arthritis, avascular necrosis, Gaucher's disease, sciatica, muscle strain, iliotibial band syndrome, and hematoma. Other causes can be overuse of hip in which muscles, tendons, and ligaments become inflamed.


- Limping
- Joint pain
- Loss of the motion of the hip
- Groin pain
- Swelling over the hip
- Tenderness of the hip
- Difficulty in sleeping
- Discomfort in thigh
- Stiffness in muscles and joint
- Increased fatigue during physical activity


- If the pain is due to activities such as running or power walking, then try taking rest from the activity.
- Lose weight as excess weight puts a strain on the hips and losing it might relieve it.
- Wear flat shoes.

- Over the counter medicines to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain will be useful.
- Painkillers can help in reducing the pain and provide comfort. Do not take any medicine without a prescription from the doctor.

Specialist: It is necessary to get the affected area checked by the specialist to know the critical situation of the ailment and the cause of it. At mfine, we make sure to analyse each and every disease and provide the best results.

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