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Trapezius Sprain


Trapezius Sprain is a common injury that can limit your range of motion and the strength in your arms.

It may be caused due to an injury or by overuse of trapezius or any other muscle. Usually, the recovery period is two to three weeks. However, a more serious injury could require a couple of months. Normally, is by itself enough. If that doesn’t work, then one must consult a doctor.


Symptoms may vary depending on the cause and severity of the injury.

People may experience
- Sore feeling in the trapezius.
- Stiff and tight neck and shoulder.
- Difficulty while turning the head from one side to another.
- Knots in the neck and upper back muscles.
- Either or both of the arms feeling weak.
- Headaches.
- Discomfort while sleeping.
- Swelling in muscle in the neck and upper back


- Rest is a good treatment for trapezius sprain.
- Elevation helps in reducing swelling at the injury site.
- Applying ice to the injured area.
- Compression may help in reducing swelling.
- Kinesiology tape helps in removing trapezius sprain.
- Stretching and strengthening exercise may help in preventing trapezius strains in future again.

If non-surgical options do not work, the doctor may suggest surgery for a speedy recovery. Surgery will either repair the muscle itself or reattach the tendon to the bone or muscle from which it has detached.

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