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Torticollis Treatment, Causes, & Symptoms


Torticollis is the condition of twisting of the neck that causes the head to rotate and tilt to one side.

Torticollis is a common diagnosis and occurs in 2% of babies. [1]

- It can be congenital or acquired
- Firstborn children are more to be affected with congenital torticollis
- It is usually short-term and sometimes goes away without treatment
- Both male and females are affected
- Lab test and imaging not required

The acquired torticollis goes away in 24-48 hours or days. However, it can relapse. Congenital torticollis improves during the first year of birth in 90% of babies. It is also called wry neck, twisted neck. Most common case have no cause of affect and pain and difficulty to move head goes away in few days.

Age affected: Between 0-2; Most often, above 3 years; often


The symptoms mainly include a stiff and painful neck

People may experience
Pain areas – neck, head, shoulder
Limited head movement
Head tremor
Inability to turn head
Stiff and swollen neck muscles
One shoulder higher than other
Tilting of chin to one side
Babies born with congenital torticollis can also have a problem with vision and hearing


Self-Care: Apply heat, proper use of neck braces, stretching can help in fast recovery.

Medications: Pain reliever, Baclofen for reducing neck muscle contraction, muscle relaxants, injecting botulinum

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