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Learn About Lumbar Spine and Spinal Disc Disorders


Disorder in the lumbar spine - A syndrome resulting in low back pain because of wear and tear on a spinal disc.

The restorative ability of spinal discs is minimal. #1

- Treatable by medical professionals
- Clinically diagnosable
- Lab tests and imaging are only often required
- Medium term: Over months, the pain from disorder decreases

The tear and wear of the spinal disc is age-related. The disc becomes inflexible, smaller, and more prone to tearing. Disorder in one disc affects the lumbar spine, mainly in the region around it. This is not a true disease and doesn’t worsen with course of time.


The symptoms vary depending on the extremity of disorder in discs and its effects on nearby regions.

Diagnosed by physical examination.

People may experience:
- Tenderness in lower back, and sensitivity due to muscle inflammation
- Leg pain: numbness, weakness, and sharp pain in lower body
- Pain increases or decreases in different postures
- Other severe symptom: reflection of major disorders


Self-care: Apply heat and ice before and after physical activities, respectively.

Medication: Analgesics can be taken to treat pain along. Prescription medications like muscle relaxants or narcotic painkillers can treat intense pain.

Specialists: Epidural steroid injection with massage therapy instructed by specialist can resolve pain for long term. mfine provides smooth, quick, and salubrious treatment. Let us facilitate you with our best doctors.

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