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Things you need to know about stiff person syndrome


A progressive syndrome that is rare and primarily affects the brain and the nervous system.

A stiff person syndrome is a unique neurological disorder. The affected displays abnormal postures and even emotional distress. The disease affects women two times more than men. [1]

- Cannot be self-diagnosed
- Treatment options not available
- Treatment to support symptoms available
- May require a reference to medical history
- May need a blood test and electromyography

Stiff person Syndrome (SPS) is an autoimmune neurological disorder. The disease is rare and affects significantly the quality of life. Notable symptoms are stiffness in muscles in limbs, walking difficulty, postural deformity, and others.


Not self-diagnosable - To confirm the disease, the doctor shall need to perform many tests.
The affected will have postural deformity and sensory issues as notable symptoms.
Panic attacks are also seen.
Difficulty is seen in walking.
The person with SPS can have emotional distress and depression and anxiety.
Muscle stiffness can spread to face.


Self-Care: There is no definite treatment of the condition as such. Only supporting the symptoms can be done as a part of self-care.
Medicines: Patients with SPS respond to high doses of anticonvulsants and other appropriate medications.
Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg) treatment can reduce stiffness.
Benzodiazepines are useful to slow down the nervous system and reduce spasms.
Physical therapy is helpful to support the muscles on treatment.

Specialists: The patient should be consulted with a neurologist and professional who is specialized in genetics. At mfine, you can find the holistic health care support.

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