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A Pain In The Buttocks and Lower Back: Sacroiliitis


Sacroiliitis refer to a condition where there is an inflammation in the hip bone (sacroiliac joint).

This can occur in pregnant ladies due to natural stretching of the sacroiliac joint. [1]

- This is self-treatable
- Lab test or imaging may be required in severe cases
- A medical diagnosis may be required in chronic cases like ankylosing spondylitis.


- Deep, stabbing pain in lower back or buttocks
- In severe cases, the pain may cover areas reaching down to the feet.
- Pain can get worse during climbing stairs, taking large strides and running.
- Inflammation of the SI joint
- Low-grade fever
- The affected area is:
- Hips
- Buttocks
- Lower back
- Legs
- Feet


You can choose readily available OTC medications. Resting can help. Applying heat and ice alternatively will prove some help in providing relief from the pain of inflammation. Try physical therapies and exercises. Sometimes electrical stimulation of the joint is prescribed under medical supervision. Surgery is approached in rare cases.

OTC Pain relievers will provide enough relief from mild pains. Muscle relaxants like cyclobenzaprine (Amrix, Fexmid) might help in reducing the muscle spasms. Tumor necrosis factor inhibitors like etanercept, adalimumab, infliximab are given if the issue is associated with ankylosing spondylitis.

In the case of chronic pains, ignorance is not the best option. Seek medical advice. At mfine, doctors will help you choose good treatment procedures.

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