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How To Take Care of Your Neck Sprain And More


A condition where the neck overextends and snaps back too quickly due to trauma, thus leading to a sprain.
Approximately 10% of the adult population suffers from a stiff neck due to a neck sprain. [1]

- Medically referred to as whiplash
- Requires imaging tests and a physical exam
- Is a treatable condition

Right side neck sprain occurs due to injuries or accidents. Its causes are linked to blunt forces being applied on the neck and the pain may extend from the neck to the shoulders and connecting areas. It’s known to heal within 4 to 6 weeks with appropriate treatment but most sprains take longer to completely heal.


Common symptoms of neck pain include muscle spasms in the upper shoulder and pain that worsens with more movement.

People also experience:
-Sore throat
-Pain that peaks after the injury, on the right side of the neck or upper shoulder
-Difficulty focusing or concentrating
-Tingling sensations in the arms
-Numb feeling in the arms or hands


Some of the ways to reduce pain are icing the area, sleeping with one pillow on a firm mattress, and adjusting your posture when sleeping or standing.

Doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory medications and muscle relaxants to relieve the pain. Injectable medications such as corticosteroids may be administered directly to the affected area to reduce or relieve the pain.

For more severe cases of neck sprain where using OTC drugs are inefficient, surgery may be required. Our healthcare specialists at mfine will take care of your needs and create a customized treatment plan that relieves your neck sprain.

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