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Right Shoulder Stiffness: Symptoms and Treatment


Inflammation in the right shoulder joint.

Up to 5 percent of the general population is known to suffer from the frozen shoulder that can be a lifelong concern.[1]

- Can be treated
- Maybe both, acute or chronic
- May require imaging and X-ray

Stiffness in the right shoulder can be caused due to a variety of reasons. This condition is typically a result of inflamed tendons or pinched nerves. It is increasingly common in sports professionals and older people.


Self-diagnosable: Pain and stiffness in the right shoulder can be self-diagnosed. However, if pain persists for 1-2 weeks, a medical diagnosis is required.
Difficulty in lifting right arm
Pain during movement or stretching
Stiffness if hand is in the same position
Swelling in the shoulder region


Self-care: Avoid physical exertion or heavy lifting with the right arm for a few days.
Stretches: Gentle exercises and stretches may be advised to promote blood circulation and flexibility. Avoid keeping hand complete stiff unless advised by a doctor.

Medicines: OTC NSAIDs may be taken to alleviate pain. In severe cases, the doctor may prescribe steroids as well.

Physical therapy: Certain exercises that allow flexibility without worsening pain may be advised.

Specialists: For any other concern, please consult your physician. For a detailed and customized treatment plan, consult our team at mfine.

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