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Shoulder Impingement Syndrome: Symptoms and Treatment


Shoulder pain caused because of impingement of tendons in the shoulder from the bones of the shoulder.

A study shows that about 3 to 70 percent of people have shoulder impingement syndrome. [1]

1. Requires X-rays, MRIs and CT scan for diagnosis.
2. Medium term: resolves within months.
3. Can happen to both, men and women.

Also known as impingement syndrome or swimmers shoulder, it is caused by overuse of shoulders. It swells the tendons of your shoulder, leading them to catch on your upper shoulder bone. People who play sports like swimming, tennis, and baseball are most likely to suffer from this. Unusually shaped acromion also raises the risk of shoulder impingement.


1. Sudden pain in shoulder when you lift your arm overhead or backward
2. Minor but constant pain in the arm
3. Pain that becomes worse at night
4. Shoulder or arm weakness
5. Pain that goes from front of the shoulder to side of your arm.
6. Joint stiffness or tenderness


1. Rest well
2. Apply ice packs on your shoulder

Your doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs that would help you reduce swelling and pain.

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