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Right Arm Pain: What You Need To Know


Heart Attack is a mild or severe pain or discomfort anywhere in the arm due to various reasons.

2% of the people above age 40 experience ‘frozen-shoulder’, which is pain in upper arms or shoulders with numbness, dullness, stiffness and restricted-motion.

- Treatable by medical professionals
- Self-diagnosable
- Lab tests and imaging are required
- Short term: usually gets better in some days

There are numerous instances like sprains, broken-bones, rotator-cuff injury, pinched nerves, tendonitis, angina, rheumatoid arthritis, brachial plexus injury, or tennis elbow which cause arm pain. The doctor may require various tests to apply proper treatment for the underlying cause.



- People may experience
- Pain: sharp, mild or severe
- Pain areas: any of these: wrist, elbow, shoulder, upper or lower arm
- Swelling: with stiffness
- Redness:in arm
- Lymph nodes: swollen, under the arm
- Tingling pain: or numbness, in some cases
- Muscle weakness: when nerves are pinched


Self-care: Learn to massage properly and massage yourself regularly. Take adequate rest. Icing from time to time and use of compression bandages helps. Keeping arm elevated helps with swelling. To prevent arm pain, do correct exercises, and always stretch. Wear protective gear while sporting and lift objects carefully.

Medications: Analgesics help but should be used only within prescribed limits. Corticosteroids help with the swelling.

Specialist: One must immediately seek specialists if there is sudden, severe arm pain with chest pain, feeling deformity in bones, an injury or bleeding. Surgeon may repair agitated ligaments or bones. mfine provides you instant support with our ‘artificial-assistance’, reach us in case of an emergency and receive complete healthcare services.

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