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Right Ankle Injury: Simple Injury Can Cause Big Problems


Right ankle injury is usually caused by overstretching or twisting of the ankle with force. Ankle is a joint with the ligaments (tissues) that surrounds the bones and connects the foot to the leg.

Around 2 million injuries are reported every year out of which 20% are caused from sports in United States alone. [1]

- Injury occurs when this ligament gets torn or stretched accidentally. If left untreated, it can cause grave problems.
- This injury is mostly seen in the age group of 15-25 years.
- It can be diagnosed and confirmed with an x-ray.

There are 3 grades in which the injury can be classified depending on the symptoms exhibited: from mild pain to bruising to severe swelling. The treatment can be then decided accordingly.


People may experience the following during an ankle injury:
- Swelling
- Tenderness
- Bruising
- Severe pain
- Inability to move your ankle
- Not able to put weight on ankle
- Change in the color of the ankle

If any of these symptoms occur, it is advisable to immediately consult the doctor; sooner the treatment, lesser are the chances for situation to aggravate.


o Wrap your ankle with elastic bandages
o Use a caliper to support
o Keep your foot at a certain height
o Ice application can also be helpful


o over the counter medicines as prescribed by the doctor
o Arthroscopy: It is done to check any loose fraction or piece of bone or cartilage.
o Reconstruction: The torn ligament is repaired with stitches. Other ligaments or tendons might also be required to repair the damage.
o Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation is the most important thing in the recovery process, which involves regular follow-ups and physical therapy.
Doctors take the call on the type of surgery required for the injury.

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