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Radicular Pain In Left Leg: Proper Diagnosis and Treatment


Radicular Pain, also known as radiculitis, where the pain originates from the spinal or sciatic nerves and radiates to the lower back, legs and down to feet. The pain can be dull or sharp and stabbing.

85 to 90% patients can be relieved of the radicular pain of left leg by laminectomy or discectomy. [1]

- The common causes of Radicular pain in left leg are injury, problems in sciatic nerves, poor posture, herniated disk, cysts, irritation/inflammation to nerves etc.
- It is important to note that even if the pain occurs at the left leg, the origination is somewhere upward, from the spinal nerves.


- Common symptoms of Radicular pain in leg include:
- Pain radiating from lower back to leg(s)
- Positional leg pain
- Tingling
- Numbness
- Foot drop
- Loss of reflexes

- Diagnosis is done by performing imaging studies like X-ray, CT scan and MRI.


- Treatment option for Radicular pain in left leg includes changes in lifestyle and appropriate medication upon examining the causes.

- Avoiding lifting heavy objects.
- Avoid bad postures like slouching and excessive leaning or bending.
- Muscle Conditioning exercises.

- Physical therapy.
- Over-the-counter analgesics.
- Usage of anti-inflammatory medication.
- Surgery (Laminectomy or discectomy) as suggested by the doctor

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