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Perthes Sequelae: What Is It and All That You Need to Know


It is is a rare childhood condition in which the bone cells begin to die due to the interruption in the blood supply.

Usually occurs in children between 4 to 10 years old. Five times more common in boys than in girls. In 10% to 15% of all cases, both hips are affected.[1]

- Rare medical condition
- Needs medical attention immediately
- Prevalent among boys than girls
- Lab tests and medical examinations are required for diagnosis
- Chronic: may take several years

A condition where the weakened bone breaks apart and loses its shape when bones begin to die. It is degeneration and regeneration of end of the bone. New blood supply should be established and new healthy bone should form in the area eventually. The condition may occur due to lack of proper blood supply to the hip joint which causes the bone to become unstable.

Ages affected: May occur in children, mostly boys up to 12 years of age.


Self-diagnosable: Constant pain in hips, limping, muscle spasms, loss of muscle mass, and restricted movements should be reported to a doctor immediately.

People may experience:
Limping - Children may limp with or without pain
Stiffness - Pain with stiffness in the hip, knee, or groin
No movements - Limited motion of the hip joint


Self-care: Immediate medical attention is required. Bed rest and need to restrict high-impact activities such as running and jumping are recommended. Weight-bearing should be avoided.

Medications: Depending on the age, symptoms, stage of disease, and amount of damage, the medical professional will provide the treatment. Leg cast to spread legs apart widely may be recommended. Surgery may be required, mostly for children above six years, as hip socket may naturally be not moldable.

Specialists: In case of the abovementioned symptoms, contact your healthcare provider. At mfine, we are here to assist you with a complete health program.

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