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What are the causes of Periarthritis right shoulder?


A common condition during which the shoulder becomes stiff and the mobility is decreased in the right shoulder. [1]
It usually affects both males and females who are around 40 years of age. [2]
Periarthritis right shoulder starts with a minor trauma in most cases. This is often ignored by the affected individuals. The exact cause for periarthritis right shoulder is currently unknown. Some of the identified causes of periarthritis right are:

- Formation of scar tissues in the shoulder.
- Fracture
- Recent injury [1]
This condition is common in individuals suffering from diabetes. Risk factors such as stroke, cardiovascular disease along with hyper and hypothyroidism can also increase its occurrence. [1]


The main symptoms are stiffness and pain in the shoulder that can be extremely painful for some and impossible to move.

People may experience :
Pain affected areas - Pain can be felt in the shoulder joints.
Types of pain - Pain can make movements impossible.
Pain circumstances - Pain can become extreme during night time.
Muscular - There is no muscular pain.
Most common - Stiffness and rigidness in the muscle.


Self care
Placing an ice pack on the shoulder for fifteen minutes can give relief.
Physical therapy
Stretching of the shoulder joints to regain the loss of motion is an effective therapy.

The anti-inflammatory medicines are normally recommended by doctors.

The treatments for joint pain can decrease the pain but cannot completely relieve you of it. Therefore take the advice of the experts at mfine who will suggest the best suitable way to cure the condition and manage shoulder pain associated with periarthritis of right shoulder.

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